The human ear takes in 10,000, 000 bits of information per second. 

The human ear can deal consciously with 30 bits of information in a second. With a change in time zone and culture the figures become increasingly distorted.


Successful change needs effective communication. With access to international media professionals, strategic communications thinkers and knowledge of cogent processes, KFV can open the door to a new and effective way of communicating.

Story telling to motivate and inspire
KFV knows that the unconscious mind likes to co-operate, not compete.  Through stimulating activities and skilful processes, we enable our clients to communicate so that others understand why and remember.

KFV will work with you to:
Loosen your thinking
Create new connections, break down barriers, open your mind up to new stimuli.
Ransack your mind!
Go beyond the obvious
One step into the unknown can turn your thinking on its head
Form a chain
Map the connections between all your stakeholders
Understand the impact
Step inside someone else’s thinking
Create the analogies
Take an idea, develop a metaphor, design vehicles to bring your communications alive.

Recognise that working across international boundaries requires unique communications skills – virtual communication is an art.